Conveyance Overspeed (COS-1)

COS-1 is designed as a Primary Safety Circuit Conveyance Overspeed device.

Should an overspeed condition of the conveyance be experienced, with the use of SIL2 rated frequency counters, magnetic inductive sensors and either a single solenoid or dual solenoid system within the hydraulic pack, the COS-1 can de-energise power to these solenoids and therefore release hydraulic pressure from the on-board braking system.

The EUC (Equipment Under Control) hydraulic circuit in turn lowers the EUC onto the designated rail braking system.

The COS-1 will display the speed at which the EUC is travelling and give indication of either healthy or tripped status of the Overspeed System.

A “Speed Monitor Selection” switch is used to interchange between which sensors and frequency counters are being displayed on the “Speed” meter.

Failure of either one or both of the magnetic inductive sensors is monitored and alarmed, and will cause the EUC to apply the on-board braking system.

Download Conveyance Overspeed (COS-1) Product PDF (653KB)