Gas Drainage Plant

Tecom Australia has been working in the Gas extraction industry for over 20 years. Assisting in the development of longwall goaf drainage systems for:
Glencore– West Wallsend Colliery, Teralba Colliery, United Colliery, South Blakefield, Ravensworth Underground. BHP Billiton – Appin Colliery

This work has allowed Tecom to develop a good understanding of Gas extraction criteria. From the effects of varying gas compositions, to restricted flow and the dynamics these conditions place on the control and effectiveness of the gas extraction plant.

This data enables Tecom to develop and write a PLC code that offers the Client great flexibility in the control and monitoring of their Gas Extraction system.

In 2009 Tecom electrically designed, supplied, installed and commissioned one (1) pump set – Emtivac N2BE/C 300-8000/CI/PG liquid ring type arranged to run at a maximum speed of up to 520 RPM. This Pump was controlled via an ABB 500kW VVVF drive with associated Rosemount instrumentation and AB Flex I/O control at BHP Billiton’s Appin Colliery Area 7 Gas Drainage site.

In 2010 Tecom electrically designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and commissioned one (1) only Switch room for four (4) 1000V 500kW Motor Starter Cubicles, four (4) only 1000V 500kW Field Isolators, one (1) only 415V L & P Distribution/PLC Cubicle: controlling three DOL Motor and Gardener Nash Liquid ring pumps at South Blakefield Mine.

In 2012 Tecom electrically designed, manufactured, supplied and installed a goaf gas extraction and flaring system. This system consisted of two (2) 250 kW VVVF Liquid ring pumps and three (3) 1000l/s Flares, tube bundle system and switch room, fully functional, commissioned and compliant with Ravensworth Underground Mine specifications and standards.