The Scribe is designed to log the RF signal being received from a Mine Winder Conveyance in order to give site personnel the ability to detect low RF signal conditions without the need to have specialised test equipment & personnel requested then subsequently conveyed to site. This could save invaluable Winder downtime during such instances as unscheduled Aerial repair/re-alignment or rudimentary fault-finding. The ability to import the reading into SCADA packages would then also allow for tolerance alarming should the expected RF signal vary from Mine prescribed pre-set datum levels for a given location. The signal received by the device is converted and presented in a format that a Winder PLC can understand and subsequently quantify to range the measured levels accordingly. That is, RF signals are received in -dBm and then converted internally to an Analog 0-5VDC output. In order to capture the RF spread of a typical Winder’s SMS transmission throughout a Shaft/Drift, we have ranged the Scribe typically over a 60dBm sweep. As most installations rarely have signals higher than -40dBm or lower than -100dBm, this spread will enable the capture of a full transport distance-travelled signal plot for the majority of installations. Product Specifications The basic overview of this product is as follows:- The accuracy of the Scribe will be better than 1dBm.The devices can be manufactured to operate in one of the following frequency bands. The required frequency band needs to be specified prior to manufacture:- 150-175Mhz (Current SMS band) 410-520 MHz (Special order) 820-960MHz (Special order) Specific frequency (serial) programmable within the manufactured band. Technical Specifications:- Input: -40 to -100dBm Output: 0-5VDC Power Supply: 16-32VDC (@ a maximum 2Watts) Connections: RF Input: TNC female Signal (DC) Output: SMA Female Power Supply: SMAR Female Programming interface: Serial RS232 (frequency setting)
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