The TUFF-TALK device allows a fixed location audio station to interface with the Winder Voice Radio Network. The associated audio and PTT request are simply conveyed by a twisted-pair reticulated from the required fixed location back to either the Winder Communications Panel or another fixed audio station (i.e.; multi-dropped). The unit can be powered by a local 12VDC supply or an internal 100-240VAC Switchmode power supply.

The TUFF-TALK is housed in a ruggedised stainless steel enclosure and has four (4) externally placed 10mmØ clearance holes incorporated to assist with installation. The TUFF-TALK can also be optionally mounted to a roof bolt by punching an appropriately sized aperture in either the top or bottom flange.


Mechanical Data

External dimensions 255 (w) x 330 (h) x 160 (d)
External material 2mm 304 grade stainless steel
Internal backpan material 2mm 304 grade stainless steel
Weight 6.78kg

Electrical Data
Voltage Standby Receive Audio Transmit audio
(Full Volume) – Mains AC Supply (100-240VAC) 240VAC 17.6mA 50.1mA 19.8mA – DC Supply 12VDC 44.42mA 262.7mA 57.28mA

Audio Data

Frequency response 300 – 3000Hz (+/- 1.5dB ref 1000Hz).
Signal to noise >70dB
Distortion/power Less than 5% at 0.5 watts at the speaker
Line impedance 600Ω
Audio Input -35dBm minimum
PTT Line-out 12.0VDC; current limited to 20mA

Environmental Parameters

Temperature 0-60oC
Humidity 0-85%

Download Tuff – Talk Product PDF (622KB)