Mine Winder Communications

Mine winders are important items of infrastructure in underground mining and there are many installations operating within the industry.

These installations comprise many variations of design ranging from single rope drum vertical shaft, drift slope haulage systems and vertical shaft friction winder systems.

Mine winders are considered as high risk plant, the failure of which has potential for multiple fatalities. Some mine winders have the potential to carry in excess of 150 people in a single lift.

The application of mine winders range from those designed for personnel transport only to those designed for both personnel and materials transport duty and to those designed solely for the purpose of materials haulage.

These winders are permanent items of the operational mine’s infrastructure. In addition there are shaft sinking winders required for relatively short term projects associated with the development of new or an extension of existing underground mines.

All Personnel Transport EUC’s operating on powered winding systems, shall be provided with a suitable means to:
(a) Give audible and visual signals to;
(b) Receive audible and/or visual signals from; and
(c) Communicate by speech with any place where any such means of signalling and communication is necessary to enable the powered winding system to be used safely.

Tecom Australia has in excess of 20 years’ experience in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of drift and shaft winder radio data and communication systems throughout the mining industry both in Coal and Hard Rock applications.

Tecom to date has installed the following radio control systems into mines throughout NSW.

Angus Place Colliery – SMS System
Mannering Colliery – Femco System
Teralba Colliery – SMS System
Berrima Colliery – SMS System
Austar Colliery – SMS System
Newstan Colliery – SMS System
Myuna Colliery – SMS System
Appin Colliery – SMS System
Metropolitan Colliery – SMS System
West Cliff Colliery – SMS System
West Wallsend Colliery – SMS System
Peak Gold Mines – SMS System
Cobar CSA Mine – SMS System
Tahmoor Colliery – SMS System

Tecom also performs extensive maintenance on the above systems and can assist in developing a customised maintenance program and schedule to suit your site specific requirements.